Cosmetic injectables to compliment your perfect Neutral Bay smile

Our Neutral Bay dental clinic includes cosmetic and therapeutic injectables in conjunction with our dental treatments to provide you with complete dento-facial aesthetics. It is our philosophy, that as dentists are highly trained in the face musculature and how it affects the smile, having a dentist administer your injectables means that they can draw upon their extensive knowledge and experience to offer you optimal results.

If you would like your skin to have a smoother, more supple and youthful appearance to compliment your beautiful teeth, we can help. As we age, lines and wrinkles form naturally in our skin, and our face can lose the fullness and vitality it once had. Anti-wrinkle injections and dermal fillers can remedy these effects, naturally and non-surgically giving you a fresher, younger look.

As well as being experts in the field of dentistry, our practitioners are fully qualified to administer anti-wrinkle injections and dermal fillers on your face and neck. We care greatly for your oral health, but we also want you to look your very best. We will carefully apply just the right dose necessary to relax your facial muscles and allow your skin to become smooth again, or to provide volume and fullness to your cheeks, lips and other areas.

Our highly skilled practitioners can administer the following cosmetic procedures:

Anti-Wrinkle Injections

Over time, our skin loses its elasticity and naturally forms lines and folds as part of the aging process. Muscular contractions develop in the face which affect the shape of the skin, forming wrinkles. This treatment will allow certain muscles in your face to relax, and the skin to become smooth again. For more information, see Anti-Wrinkle Injections.

Dermal Fillers

There are substances present within our facial tissue which help provide structure and support, giving shape and form to our face. These diminish over time, and dermal fillers help to provide fullness and volume where needed, retaining shape and smoothing wrinkles. For more information, see Dermal Fillers.

Lip Fillers

In a similar way to how dermal fillers effect cheeks and smile lines, lip fillers can be used help make your lips look more plump or to soften lines. This is all part of our comprehensive care of your entire cosmetic dentistry needs, all focused on providing you with the smile design you desire.

FAQs About Cosmetic Injectables

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